Family Mileage Pooling

The Family Mileage Pooling Program makes it worth your while to enroll your family in Oasis Club.
The miles they earn can be channeled into your account so you can decide on how best to use them. Any immediate family member is eligible for this programe. Even your children between the age of 2 and 12 can also contribute, although they are entitled for only 50% of the miles.
Of the eight ‘FAMILY’ members an Oasis Club member can pool on their account, a maximum of two can be permanent house staff (driver, housemaid, cook etc.) and the remainder must be immediate family.
Oasis Club Enrollment & Verification
You can enroll them online and then to send the Family Application Form duly filled and signed along with the Proof of identity and relation (Passport Copies, Birth/ Marriage Certificate etc.) to the email address​ for verification and to process or contact our call center 171 (Kuwait) or +965 24345555 Ext. 171 (Outside)

Family Member Pooling Rules for Oasis Club

A Family Head or Family Member must first become an individual Member of Kuwait Airways Oasis Club before joining a Family Pooling Account.
The Family Head must be 18 years of age or older.
Only individual Kuwait Airways Oasis Club Members can join a Family pooling program. An individual cannot be in a more than one Family Pooling Account at any given time.
Family Members must be directly related to the Family Head in one of the following ways: Husband, Wife, Son, Son-in-Law, Step-Son, Daughter, Daughter-in-Law, Step-Daughter, Mother, Mother-in-Law, Step-Mother, Father, Father-in-Law, Step-Father, Brother, Sister, Grandparents, Granddaughter, Grandson and Domestic Helper (Both Domestic Helper and Family Head must be Kuwait residents and Family Head as sponsor only).
Family Members may be requested to provide Kuwait Airways Oasis Club with additional proof of their relationship to the Family Head.
A Family pooling Account has a maximum limit of 8 Family members excluding the Family Head. Only up to 2 Domestic Helpers can be added in the Family account within the 8 members allowed.
Any Oasis Club Miles earned prior to joining Family program will merge in the Family account under the Family Head. Also, the miles expiry for the total of the transferred miles will be expired at the first schedule expiry of the sub member’s account irrespective of the date it was earned.
Miles once pooled to a Family Pooling Account, cannot be transferred back to the Member’s individual Oasis Club account. By joining Family Account, Family Members are agreeing to give their consent and authority to the Family Head / Members to redeem Miles from the Family account and book and manage travel on their behalf. The miles can be redeemed by ANY Family member except the Domestic Helpers without consent of Family Head or other Members.
Family Heads and Family Members should continue to quote their individual Oasis Club Membership number when making a booking and traveling on Kuwait Airways.
A Family Head may remove a Family Member from the Family pooling account at any time by contacting an Oasis Club through email or visiting one of our service centres personally.
Once the maximum number of Family Members is reached, only three replacements are permitted in any calendar year.

A Family Member may remove themselves from the a Family pooling account at any time by contacting Oasis Club either in person by visiting Oasis Cub Service centers or emailing through a registered email; bearing in mind the below:

  • Any Miles previously earned that were pooled into the Family Pooling Account will remain in the Family account under the Family Head.
  • Any Activity done by the Family member while he/she was in a Family Pooling Account will still be transferred into the Family Account even if it was claimed after the de-linking date.
  • The Family member will earn individual miles only from the time he/she is de linked from the Family Account.
  • Once de-linked from a Family Pooling Account member cannot re-join the same Family Account until completing 1 year.​

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