Oasis Club

1. How can I check my miles balance?

​You can check your latest balance by:

  • Login on to your oasis club membership account.
  • Checking your statement.
  • Calling the Telephone no 171 (Kuwait) +96524345555 ext. 171 (out side Kuwait).
  • Contacting nearby KAC office.
  • Emailing to oasisclub@kuwaitairways.com 

2. I don’t have a password to log on to my account on the website. How do I get one?

​You can make a request on the Oasis Club website ​by clicking forgot your password. This option will only work if a valid email address has been stored in your profile previously. Alternatively, you can send an email to oasisclub@kuwaitairways.com for your password.

3. What is the difference between Level Miles and Award Miles?

​Every time you fly, you earn Oasis Award Miles and Level Miles. With Award Miles, you can get free tickets and upgrades. Level Miles count towards your qualification for Silver or Gold status. Award Miles consist of geographical miles flown, applicable Business or First Class bonuses and applicable Silver or Gold bonuses.

4. How can I order an award ticket?

​There are different ways to get an award ticket:

  • Visit our website www.kuwaitairways.com and to login then to Redeem your miles.
  • Calling the Telephone no 171 (Kuwait) +965 24345555 Ext. 171 (outside Kuwait)
  • Contact nearby KAC office

5. When will my Oasis Award Miles expire?

You can earn and accumulate Oasis Club award miles for a healthy period of three years.
Miles Expiry runs by the end of the month, which comes after 3 years of the travel date.

6. How can I qualify for Silver or Gold?

Just fly more than 25,000 level miles or 20 segments during any 12 months for Silver. For Gold, 50,000 level miles or 40 segments. A segment is a single flight, e.g. Kuwait-London. Flown miles and Business and First Class bonuses count towards qualification. Silver and Gold elite bonuses, Online purchased miles and Family Mileage Pooling miles do not. Login to your oasis club membership account on the website to check your current balance.

7. How can I retain my Silver or Gold?

To retain the SILVER Membership:

Acquire 25,000 level miles or 20 flight segments within the evaluation period*.

To retain the GOLD Membership:

Acquire 50,000 level miles or 40 flight segments within the evaluation period*.

Evaluation period will be from the date of expiry (review date) of the current tier level back to 12 months.

Example 1: If Gold tier is achieved on 17 July 2016, the review date will be set to 31 July 2017. To retain current Gold status member has to meet the eligibility criteria within this evaluation period.

​​Example 2: If Silver tier is achieved on 13 December 2016, the review date will be set to 31 December 2017. To retain current Silver status member has to meet the eligibility criteria within this evaluation period.

8. What are Silver and Gold mileage bonuses?

​Silver members and Gold members will receive a bonus of 50% and 100% of the flown miles as a token of our appreciation. These Elite Mileage Bonuses will help you get the awards you deserve faster.​

9. How can I ensure that I always receive my miles?

When making reservations, always quote your Oasis Club number. We recommend that you always login to your account to book a ticket and show your Oasis Club card when checking in at the airport. This will ensure that your miles are registered, so we can give you the benefits you are entitled to.

10. What can I do when my miles are not registered?

If your flight miles still have not been registered after a week, you can claim them online. Simply Login to your account and click on Activities -> Claim Missing Miles and submit the request and we will see what we can do to help.  Alternately, you can forward the ticket and boarding pass copies as an attachment by email to oasisclub@kuwaitairways.com or call 171 within 6 months of your flight date. Please note that retro claims over 6 months from date of travel are not eligible for mileage accrual.

11. What is the Family Mileage Pooling Program?

​The Family Mileage Pooling Program​ lets you pool all the miles earned by up to 8 immediate family members including two permanent house staff (driver, housemaid and cook etc.) into one account. ​

12. How can I purchase miles?

If member's mileage balance falls short of a reward ticket/upgrade they wish to redeem, they can now purchase top up miles online

  • A member may purchase online a minimum of 1,000 and maximum of 50,000 Oasis Club miles in any one calendar year.
  • Member need to login with his membership number & password.
  • Then to Click on Manage Miles à Buy Miles and mention the number of miles for purchase and follow the prompt using VISA or MASTERCARD and KNET details to proceed with the transaction.
  • It is recommended to purchase the miles only once redemption booking class availability is confirmed.