Oasis Club
There are other ways by which you can earn even more valuable Oasis Miles.

Class of Service Premium 

The class on which you travel helps multiply your miles even more:
  • Business Class (J): 2 x Miles Flown
  • First Class (F): 3 x Miles Flown.
  • Royal Class (R) : 3.75 X  Miles Flown.

Bonus Miles

Over and above the miles you gain from the above mentioned ways, special Bonus Miles help you to chalk up the miles sooner.
  • Silver Tier Bonus: Additional 50% of Miles Flown for Silver members.
  • Gold Tier Bonus: Additional 100% of Miles Flown for Gold members.


Example 1
An Oasis Club Silver member travels from Kuwait to London in Business Class. He will collect the following miles:
​Miles Earned ​2888
​Business Class Bonus​2888
​Silver Bonus ​1444
Total ​7220
Example 2
An Oasis Club Gold member travels from Kuwait to Doha in First Class. The flying distance from Kuwait to Doha is 352 miles. This means he will be credited with the minimum of 500 miles in this case. So he gets:
Miles Credited​500
​First Class Bonus​1000
​Gold Bonus ​500
Total ​2000

Additional Miles

You can enjoy earning more miles through our partners. You will be kept up-to-date on the latest news in the Oasis Club Newsletter.
Note: Tickets issued on V & Z class will earn only 50% miles. (Minimum 500 miles awarded per sector)