Oasis Club

​​​There are other ways by which you can earn even more valuable Oasis Miles.

Class of Service Premium 

The class on which you travel helps multiply your miles even more:
  • Business Class (J): 2 x Miles Flown​
  • First Class (F): 3 x Miles Flown.
  • Royal Class (R) : 3.75 X  Miles Flown.

Bonus Miles

Over and above the miles you gain from the above mentioned ways, special Bonus Miles help you to chalk up the miles sooner.
  • Silver Tier Bonus: Additional 25% of Miles Flown for Silver members.
  • Gold Tier Bonus: Additional 50% of Miles Flown for Gold members.
  • Platinum Tier Bonus: Additional 75% of Miles Flown for Platinum members.


Example 1
An Oasis Club Silver member travels from Kuwait to London in Business Class. He will collect the following miles:
​Miles Earned ​2888
​Business Class Bonus ​2888
​Silver Bonus 722
Total 6498
Example 2
An Oasis Club Gold member travels from Kuwait to Doha in First Class. 
Miles Credited ​353
​First Class Bonus ​706
​Gold Bonus 177
Total 1236

Example 3
An Oasis Club Platinum member travels from Kuwait to New York on Royal Class. 
Miles Credited 6336
​First Class Bonus 17424
​Platinum Bonus 4752
Total 28512​​